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Reviews & Referrals

Nothing influences people more than a recommendation by a trusted friend

Our greatest gift is that our clients continually become so much more!

Thank you FRIENDS!

With Authentic Appreciation,

The Whatever's Clever Cuisine Family

Cheri Flauto


A huge thank you to Heather & her staff for an amazing dining experience during our retreat. The event space was small and Heather and her team came in, set up, & prepared the food on site while never inturrupting the event! The execution was flawless. Now lets talk about the food; WOW!!!!! Heather met with us prior & designed the menu to accommodate our vision. It was vegetarian, gluten-free, and even some dishes, vegan & packed with flavor! While we were eating, all that I could hear was "Wow", "This is delicious", "This is amazing", "The flavor is perfect" This was repeated during each of the several courses. I can not wait to have her & her team at our next event!

Tracie DeGrom Turner


Heather & her staff were professional, friendly and always smiling. Heather took the time with knowledge & grace to explain the menu and answer questions as to how she came to create the menu & prepare the menu, even letting us know where to find the ingredients. It was absolutely delicious!! The food that was served was full of flavor and the presentation was spot on! Definitely give Heather a call if you need a catered event. Best catered food I have EVER HAD!!!

Kimberly Domke


I recently endulged in their cuisine. I enjoyed it so much and it was actually healthy! What a delightful experience, even the table d├ęcor and service were top notch! So recommended for any party or occasion. I dislike coconut and I even enjoyed the dessert, What a yummy experience!

Stephanie Pond


Whatever's clever catered a wedding I attended and the food was absolutely amazing! The butternut squash soup was the best I have ever had and I couldn't get enough of the goat cheese stuffed peppers. It was a meal I will certainly remember for a long time!

Elenora Ruiz


I wanted to be sure to take the time to write a very specific review for this caterer. I recently attended a wedding in a beautiful rustic barn. Dinner was long finished, and dancing was abundant but because my husband is a smoker, we left the barn and walked the grounds.  I noticed the staff (who was impeccable all evening) continually going behind the scenes in an area away from us all. I walked over to compliment the chef. They had several white tents set up as a staging area aka the kitchen! I was shocked. Chef and owner Heather greeted me and invited me in. They had the chaffers all set up, along with various "stations" for the staff to execute the job. Lanterns hanging is what lit these tents.  I was impressed with the food, the staff attention to detail including serving from the left & clearing from the right. They all wore black attire with aprons and nametags, one more attentive than the next. Management was quite clear by the ear pieces they used to stay in touch. They even manned the bar with amazing attendants who kept the line small and the drinks flowing.  My level of respect and impression rose to new heights once I saw that they had completed this large event from outside yet it felt as though the food came from a state of the art facility. The entire experience felt as though we were in the best of fine dining restaurants. I long ago married off my children, but my husband & I owned restaurants through our blessed years and I can not say enough praise about this company. When you're "in the business" you critique and you look deeper than most, bar none the best catered event I have attended in my 67 years.  Bravo Chef Heather and team, Bravo!

Vicki Apple


Heather was not only the caterer for my daughters wedding but she was also the event planner! This was a destination wedding in Palm Coast and she did a wonderful job for us. She met with us on very short notice and we hired her immediately following the meeting! It was an instant connection and sense of relief! We so appreciated her extreme organizational skills & attention to detail and ways of suggesting various money saving tips. Her contacts and suggestions on vendors made everything so easy. She was assertive when necessary in order to keep the event running as scheduled and smooth. It was such a pleasure getting to know & working with her. Her complete and very evident goal was to keep our anxiety and stress level minimal which she did. The food budget was a median budgeted buffet but she made it look and taste like our budget was for filet minion! Thank you Heather for all of your assistance and helping my daughters dream wedding a reality! 

Marie Mabanta Edwards


Healthy, tasty and filling! What more could you want? My current fave dish (although I have many) is the shrimp & grits! Ive had them twice at various events & loved them twice!

Kelly Dunaja


I have been a WCC Pantry shopper long before Heather finally decided to take the leap and expand to catering! I have spent many years eating her amazing food, from some that people would say isn't healthy (except they don't know her version is) to now becoming a vegetarian, I am never disappointed- she satisfies it all! Recently, I ordered a variety of empanadas with homemade side sauces. They were absolutely delicious and easy. Went from the freezer to oven (or fryer) to a plate in 10 minutes tops. Fresh, hearty, good for you & delicious. The breakfast ones are my fav! The kids devoured the chorizo & even the all veggie ones.  Heather makes everything from scratch, even elixirs that keep your immunity boosted and all from organic & local ingredients...she healed my bronchitus when all else failed! She has become my soul sister foodie. ORDER or BOOK now...its all BEAUTIFUL!

Maggie Prescott


They are amazing! I just worked with them at a wedding and they were such a dream to work with. They were professional, came on time and served wonderful food. I highly recommend them to all my brides!